December 03, 2008

I'm here now.

August 14, 2008

Youtube vids so good that they've stayed in my unsorted bookmarks folder for an age:

Early 80s French synth goodness:

Deux - Felicita

Deux - Paris Orly

Way more Stereolab Origins vids. There's even a Broadcast origins one there now too.

Monochrome Set - Eine Symphonie des Grauens live

Blank Dogs - Leaving The Light On

Blank Dogs - Scenes From A New Town

Factums - White Ghost (Version 2)

John Whitney - Catalog

August 13, 2008

New blogs worth peeping:

Ich Lüge Bullets from Dom Passantino

Rocktimists from Sick Mouthy and the usual gang of idiots

January 24, 2008

Reviews of:

Hefner - Breaking God's Heart (Expanded Edition)

Glass Candy - B/E/A/T/B/O/X

Here's my ballot in the 2007 Idolator Pop poll:

01. Studio – West Coast
02. V/A – After Dark
03. A Mountain of One – Collected Works
04. Chromatics – Night Drive
05. V/A – Shut Up and Dance Updated
06. V/A – Soundboy Punishments (Skull Disco)
07. Witchcraft – The Alchemist
08. Dirty Projectors – Rise Above
09. Electric Wizard – Witchcult Today
10. Girls Aloud – Tangled Up

01. Glass Candy – Miss Broadway
02. LCD Soundsystem – Freak Out/Starry Eyes
03. Ame - Fiori
04. Aly and AJ – The Potential Breakup Song
05. John Miles – Stranger in the City (Pilooski Edit)
06. Shackleton – Blood on my Hands (Villalobos Mix)
07. Dude N Nem – Watch My Feet
08. Farah – Law of Life
09. T2 ft Jodie – Heartbroken
10. Soko – I’ll Kill Her

01. Dinosaur L – 24/24 Music
02. Hefner – Breaking God’s Heart
03. Daphne Oram – Oramics
04. The Trees Community – The Christ Tree
05. Wingtip Sloat – Add This to Rhetoric

And Here's my ballot in the Villge Voice 2007 Pazz & Jop. I couldn't be bothered filling it out though so I got my friend Jerome Smith to:

01. Gravetemple – The Holy Down
02. Eyvind Kang – The Yelm Sessions
03. Akron/Family – Love is Simple
04. Birchville Cat Motel with Anla Courtis – Three
05. Rhys Chatham – A Crimson Grail
06. Om – Pilgrimage
07. Electric Wizard – Witchcraft Today
08. Studio – West Coast
09. Lords of Light – Energy
10. Blonde Redhead - 23

Lastly, here's Glenn McDonald's statistical analysis of the votes, and voters, in the two polls.

January 04, 2008

Reviews of:

James Murphy & Pat Mahoney – FabricLive.36

The Teenagers live at The Amersham Arms

December 05, 2007

November 19, 2007

Some pretty weird synths that resemble yr grannies furniture. Swarmatrons! Dual primate consoles!


The plagiarythms of Stereolab parts five and six. I have no idea how I missed some of these. Abba! Yoko Ono!

I know everyones seen 'em now, but these ....shreds videos really are killer. My faves = Ozzy clapping, and the whole of the Santana one. And here's their real life equivalent, Van Halen fucking up "Jump" by a semi-tone.

November 01, 2007


The plagiarythms of Stereolab parts one, two, three and four (via this v elucidatory ILM thread.)

The Art Ensemble of Chicago

Ike and Tina Turner

Don - Yeh Mera Dil

Computer Music 1986 style from the BBCs Micro Live Programme

And I'll maybe not share you my results from searching for Minipops

RIP Stylus.

Here's my final bit of writing for the Singles Jukebox:

Lillix – Sweet Temptation
Out of everything that the Singles Jukebox has introduced me to, what should I write about? Maybe something like Saul Williams’ “Black Stacey” which I would have been too reverse-snobbish to ever listen to, figuring it to be worthy anti-fun. Or perhaps “Snook, Svett och Tårar” by Snook; Euro-pop lounge-rap that I would never have imagined could exist without William bringing it to my attention. But I think the track that has stayed with me most, the one I’ve listened to loudest and longest and drunkest, is “Sweet Temptation” the one great track by a bunch’ve Canadians initially carelessly assembled as a girl-group cash in on the Avril Lavigne sound. I mean, is their name meant to be reminiscent of tampons? “Sweet Temptation” manages the perfect cheap trick of gluing together hissing disco four-to-the-floor drums, wavering sequencer blat, lumbering ‘rock bass’, power chords and alternately diffident and commanding chants into some of the stickiest, sweetest bubblegum since The Sweet or The Runaways or whoever your ugly-glam faves are. “Alright, alright, yeah I heard it before” they sing, and alright yeah I have, but never as addictively as this.